8 Essential Supplies For Holiday Entertaining

Make sure you have everything you need for the holiday entertaining season.

It’s the season of big get-togethers. And big stress, too.

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Luckily, the right supplies – plus a dash of personalization and inspiration – can remove holiday entertaining stress from your list of seasonal worries. Here are eight holiday essentials to help you plan a sparkling, stress-free season of entertaining.

1. Tablecloth

This might seem like an obvious supply, but make sure to add tablecloths – both for buffet tables and dining tables – to your shopping list. To make a fabric tablecloth more meaningful, have each family member use fabric markers to sign their name and write a favorite holiday memory. As the years go by and the family continues to grow, make the “family tablecloth” part of your holiday tradition.

2. Tiered cake stand

A cake stand adds visual interest to your buffet table and creates more space for casserole dishes and serving platters. Pile it high with hand pies and cookies, or serve appetizers and snacks on its tiers.

You don’t have to only serve food on it, either! A tiered cake stand arranged with pinecones, acorns, ornaments and other holiday treasures on its levels makes for an easy, eye-catching centerpiece.

You can make your own cake stand using three cake pans or plates as tiers and two candlesticks, overturned goblets or mugs as supports. Adhere with epoxy glue. Leave it as is for an eclectic feel, or paint it to match your holiday décor.

3. Trivets

Colorful felt trivets help keep counters and tables from getting scorched by piping hot dishes – and can also add pops of color and accents to your table.

4. Cleaning kit

For a home that stays “guest ready” through all the holiday hustle and bustle, gather together products you know you can count on. In addition to an all-purpose cleaning spray and several rolls of paper towels, keep a Swiffer WetJet Wood close at hand to quickly mop up spills, dirt and grime from your wood floors without leaving behind streaks. And Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are great for cleaning up stuck-on messes on all kinds of surfaces, from countertops to stovetops to sinks.

You don’t want to be searching the whole house for what you need, so be sure to keep cleaning supplies in a central location.

5. Food storage containers

Stock up now on storage containers so you’re ready to refrigerate leftovers later. To save even more time, portion leftovers into full meals to warm up later and then freeze what you won’t eat in three or four days. Create labels for your containers using sticker paper.

6. Cooking utensils

The right kitchen gear helps you stay quick and nimble while you’re preparing the holiday feast. Be sure to collect your kitchen essentials for all your holiday cooking, and while you’re at it, grab an extra set for any gourmands or budding chefs on your gift list.

7. Place cards

Nothing makes guests feel more special than fun, fanciful place cards handcrafted just for them. Bonus: No more musical chairs!

8. Backup nibbles

It’s easy to accommodate surprise guests or unexpected plus-ones when you have chips, dips, cheeses and other small bites on hand.

Bonus Essential: To fill your home with the warm, inviting fragrance of the holidays – be it fresh cranberry or crisp pine – try Febreze WAX Melts. Just break off one or two wax melts, place them in the Febreze Wax Melts Warmer … and relax! Your home will smell great, and you’ll be eliminating odors in the process.

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