One Blueprint, Endless Possibilities: How To Decorate Your Front Porch For Any Season Or Holiday

Our simple formula will help you add holiday spirit to your front porch, from Halloween through the winter season.

Think of your front porch as a canvas for endless personalization. Wreaths, greenery, a doormat and live potted plants can add character and charm to your home’s entrance, make your guests feel welcome, and boost your curb appeal.

And inspiration can come from so many places: the changing seasons, upcoming holidays, current design trends and your personal tastes.

But while you might want to update your porch for each holiday, you don’t have to start from scratch every time! We have an alternative approach: a streamlined a guide to front porch décor that allows you to swap out essential décor elements to fit a theme. And we promise: It’s so simple:

  • Wreath: A simple wreath base can be dressed up with seasonal elements, silk flowers or colorful ribbon.
  • Doormat: Choose an everyday doormat base (ours is black-and-white checked) to add dimension and interest to a seasonal doormat.
  • Greenery: Choose simple white pots and swap out the plants to fit your décor.
  • Accents: Check your storage area for seasonal accents that will add a finishing touch.

We’ve broken down this porch décor formula into three simple designs for Halloween, Thanksgiving and the winter season, but you can apply it to any holiday or season. Follow our front porch decorating guide to make your entryway the talk of the town!

Halloween front porch theme

It doesn’t take much to add a dash of spookiness to your front porch. Once you gather the basic elements, you can scare up the place just how you like it.


A wreath adorned with bats, spiders or other creepy decorations is perfect for Halloween lovers who want to embrace their spooky side. For a subtler option, try a simple wreath accented with your family’s initials to complement the other Halloween items.


Tongue-in-cheek phrases like ”Boo!” ”Witch, please” and ”Hello, pumpkin” will make your guests cackle before they enter the door. There’s also no shame in keeping it simple. A classic, neutral-colored doormat will work with your other more seasonal items.


Place some funky Halloween trinkets into your plants by attaching them to bamboo skewers and inserting them into the soil. We chose skeletons, but feel free to personalize your plants with whatever spooky accents you prefer.

Tip: For greenery you can use beyond the Halloween holiday, choose potted fall mums in bright colors.


If you’ve been gathering Halloween decorations for years, chances are you have some spare items in storage. Put them to good use by adding them as accents to your door! We added a cloud of black bats, but you can also use faux cobwebs or eerie Halloween-themed string lights.

Tip: Nothing takes away from the beauty of a decorated door like smudges and fingerprints. Home Made Simple Multi-Purpose Cleaner has you covered. Just spray it on your doorknob and the hard surfaces around your door to remove smudges, dirt and grime.

Thanksgiving front porch theme

Following the same front porch formula for Thanksgiving, you can update your home’s entrance to keep it festive all autumn long. The warm welcome will be one more reason to give thanks.


Take advantage of the vibrant colors of the season by adorning your wreath with orange, crimson and brown autumn leaves.


We chose a simple ”Welcome” doormat in a warm brown color scheme, but find a doormat that suits your style.


The best way to complement your autumn wreath? Plants in the same color, of course! Placing two planters on either side of the door will create symmetry and a polished feel.


Add some additional texture by surrounding the planters with pumpkins, squashes and gourds. We stuck to the basics for our Thanksgiving-themed accents, but you can adjust the theme to your tastes with items like wooden turkey cutouts or tall candlesticks in varying heights.

Winter front porch theme

Deck the halls (or at least your front porch) with boughs of holly! ’Tis the season to be jolly, after all. Holly and pine were major parts of our décor for this porch. Don’t be afraid to dress it up in a way that puts you in the holiday spirit!


The holidays are a great excuse to hang up that classic holiday wreath made from holly. Other cute wreath options include ones with pinecones, twinkling lights, snowflakes or decorative ribbon.


While we decided to go with an understated woven doormat to draw all eyes to the lovely greenery, you can also let your holiday spirit shine with a doormat featuring a holiday greeting or whimsical design.

Greenery and accents

We combined the greenery and accents for this front porch theme. The pine garland that hangs around the door complements the petite potted pine trees on either side of it.

Front porches were meant to be decorated. Follow our simple formula and swap out décor as you see fit to keep your neighbors’ heads turning all season long.

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