7 Simple Ways To Refresh Your Bedroom Décor

Turn your bedroom into a relaxation-inducing santuary with our decorating tips and ideas.

The bedroom is for rest and relaxation, and clutter only causes stress. So organize first, and then furnish and decorate, all the while keeping these seven rules in mind.

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1. Don’t overcrowd the room

Start with the essentials: A bed, nightstand and dresser. If those three items fill the space, stop there. If the room still feels sparse, add a few functional accents, like a full-length mirror, floor lamp or storage chest.

Furniture should be appropriately sized for the space, too – think a short headboard in a low-ceilinged room.

2. Unplug

Your bedroom should be a stress-free zone, and that means unplugging from your digital devices and removing items that don’t promote relaxation. Rid this restful space of laptops, televisions, exercise equipment and other distractions.

3. Color matters

The bedroom typically isn’t the place for loud, statement-making color. Instead, pull from a calming monochromatic palette of soft purples, blues or greens. If you prefer warmer hues, opt for comforting earth tones.

4. Less is more

Too many accessories can make the room feel chaotic, so take a minimalist approach. For instance, one oversized framed photograph above the bed, a trio of bud vases on the nightstand or a small sculpture on the dresser.

5. Indulge all your senses

Don’t just please your eyes. Delight other senses with luxuriously soft bedding, pillows and rugs; a portable speaker for playing soft music; and sleep-inducing aromas and scents. Try adding a Febreze PLUG in Mediterranean Lavender to fill the room with a calming scent that also eliminates odors.

6. Let it shine

Layer different types of lighting throughout the room: Ambient lighting to illuminate the entire area, task lighting to read and see what’s inside drawers, and accent lighting to set the mood.

7. Look up

Add visual interest to the ceiling with a chandelier or mobile. Even painting the ceiling a lighter shade of your wall color can open up the space and improves the view as you lie in bed.

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