Host A Festive Fall Harvest Party

Welcome the cooler weather with a celebration that will get everyone in the mood for fall.

Fall has arrived! The leaves are changing color, the air is cool and crisp, and it seems like every food and beverage is flavored with pumpkin. Celebrate all the season has to offer by hosting a simple gathering for your family and friends, complete with yummy desserts, festive décor and even a crafting corner.

Whip up Some Fall Treats

Of course, no fall party is complete without warm apple cider and caramel apples. Other sweet options include caramel-corn balls and pumpkin cookies – lay individual servings on decorative napkins so guests can easily grab and go. Set out candy corn in decorative bowls and place throughout the party area to top off your treat display.

Get Festive with Autumn Adornments

Let Mother Nature provide the inspiration for colorful party decorations. Create simple centerpieces by arranging colorful leaves, bittersweet, acorns and pinecones in vases. Mini pumpkins and squash also make for classic autumn décor. As a finishing touch, Febreze Candles or Febreze AIR in fall scents like Fresh-Harvest Pumpkin will make your home smell inviting.

Get Crafty

Set up a crafting corner where guests – especially the little ones – can participate. Here are a few ideas for autumn-themed crafts:

  1. Fall bouquet: Provide an assortment of fall leaves, pinecones and mini gourds on bamboo skewers, and then let your guests arrange colorful fall bouquets they can take home with them.
  2. Gourd painting: Set out the supplies – acrylic paint, an assortment of paintbrushes and embellishments like foam leaf shapes and stick-on plastic gemstones – and let the kids transform autumn gourds into works of art.
  3. Leaf prints: Have guests paint one side of a fall leaf and press it, painted side down, onto a blank piece of paper. Or have them cover leaves with a piece of paper and create colorful rubbings with crayons.

For more festive ideas, check out these fall crafting projects from our friends at P&G everyday.

Clean up After the Party

Tidying your home after guests have left can be quick and simple: Use a Swiffer WetJet to mop up floors and Cascade Platinum ActionPacs to clean dishware and serving platters. After you’re finished, curl up on the couch with your own cup of warm apple cider – you deserve it!

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