You’ll Melt For These Ice Cream Social Tips

Get our expert tips for hosting an ice cream social, making it easier than ever before!

"We should hang out sometime!" We all say it - and this time, you're going to make sure it happens.

Give people an excuse to get together on a hot summer day (or any day, to be honest) with these modern ideas for a good old-fashioned ice cream social. Our ideas will change the way you host summer parties and cookouts forever ... we promise.

Avoid accidental flavor mixing by prescooping portions in advance. Just clean out Mason jars or other glass containers (e.g., pickle jars with the labels removed) with Dawn Ultra Dish Soap, and then place scoops of ice cream inside and set them on ice.

Tip: Preffer cones to bowls? Dress up sugar cones and help guests distinguish between butter pecan and black walnut with our free printable wrappers and labels.

Keep hot fudge, caramel, peanut butter sauce and other toppings warm and ready to drizzle by storing them in a slow cooker set to warm and filled with hot water. (Note: Don't leave sauces in a slow cooker for more than 2 hours.)

Great news: You don't have to purchase new bowls for the toppings. Just use what you already have, like three-pan serving bowls, chip and dip trays or muffin tins. The same goes for toppings. Have guests BYOT (get it?) and round out the mix with unexpected-yet-flavorful items from your cupboard. The following are bound to be real conversation starters! Smashed potato chips, pretzels or caramel corn, Olive oil (try it on chocolate or vanilla ice cream with lemon zest and/or sea salt), Pumpkin pie spice and graham cracker crumbs, Cereal.

DIY ice cream sandwiches are another tasty option that will transport guests back to their childhoods. While they might sound intimidating, you can actually whip some up quickly with these two helpful tips:

First, tum a frozen pint of ice cream on its side and cut it into thirds with a warm serrated knife. Sandwich the resulting ice cream circles between two cookies. Next, spread sprinkles, mini chocolate chips and/or chopped nuts on parchment paper. Roll the sides of the ice cream sandwiches in them for a finishing touch.

Ice cream floats are another nostalgic option. You can stick with the classics or help guests discover their own perfect-for-them combinations. Lemon sorbet with pink lemonade? Cola, chocolate ice cream and hot fudge? The possibilities are limitless.

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