Salvadorian Art Panels

Create a unique piece of folk art on wooden canvases to add color to any space.

Salvadorian Art Panels

Create a unique piece of folk art on wooden canvases to add color to any space.

Difficulty: Intermediate

(4) wood panels (preferably 32" × 18")
Transfer paper
Art image
Dremel drill
Dremel bit
Painter’s tape
Black flat spray paint
Sanding block
Acrylic paints in 7 different colors
Small flat sponge brushes
Wood stain

  1. Transfer the art image onto the transfer paper by placing the artwork underneath the paper and lightly tracing it with a marker. Continue until the entire image is transferred onto four separate transfer papers to create a complete picture
  2. Place the transfer papers on top of the wood panels and cut the excess paper from around the edge. Then secure each paper to the wood with painter’s tape
  3. Trace the pattern onto the panel with a pencil. Make sure to press hard when tracing. Repeat until the completed image is traced on all four wood panels

  4. Remove the transfer paper. Then trace the image with the Dremel drill to etch the design into the wood. Repeat for all panels
  5. Tape off the areas where you would like to stain the wood. Make sure to flip up some of the tape; this creates a border to ensure the paint in the next step won’t bleed into the areas that will be stained later.

  6. Paint Tip: Depending on your specific design, you can stain any desired area of wood. For this design, the taped-off areas are the top quarter of each panel, which represent as the sky, and the road going across the two middle panels starting from the bottom. The leaves in the second picture below are exposed so they can be painted, though they are in the middle of the road.

  7. Spray the black spray paint within the borders you just created

  8. Paint Tip: Black paint creates a background that allows the colors to pop.

  9. Remove the tape to reveal the black backdrop and let dry for 20 minutes

  10. Paint Tip: If paint bleeds onto other parts of the wood, use a sanding block to buff it out

  11. Once dry, start to paint. Be creative! Depending on the design that was chosen, each panel can have its own set of colors, or the entire design can use one set of colors so the combined panels create one cohesive piece. Allow to dry in the sun for 1 hour

  12. Once the painting is complete, use a dry rag to apply wood stain to the unpainted areas. Don’t forget to stain the sides and the top of the wood

  13. Hang in the desired area