Pegboard Display

Create a stylish, customizable way to display memorabilia, artwork – even shoes!

Pegboard Display

Create a stylish, customizable way to display memorabilia, artwork – even shoes!

Difficulty: Easy

(2) 4' × 8' cabinet-grade pine plywood, ½" thick (or any desired size)
(1) piece of scrap wood
Wooden dowels, 1" thick, cut to size
Tape measure
Chop saw
Safety glasses
1" Forstner drill bit
Drill guide
220-grit sanding pads
Chip brushes
Nail gun

  1. Lay a piece of scrap wood flat on a table, and place the pine plywood on top
  2. Measure the object you plan to displayed. Add 2" to the length and height to the measurement for extra room, and then begin making a square grid on the pine plywood using a pencil and T-square

  3. From those measurements, use a chop saw to cut the wooden dowels to an appropriate size that would fit the measured object. In this case, our dowels are 6" long
  4. Insert the Forstner drill bit into the drill guide so the wider end of the drill bit is inside the wider end of the drill guide. Then attach both pieces to the drill. Make sure the bit is peeking out past the drill guide enough to go all the way through the board

  5. Design Tip: The Forstner bit is perfect for creating clean-edged holes. However, this isn’t helpful if the holes aren’t straight. Use the drill guide to make sure the hole goes straight down at a 90-degree angle.

  6. Put on safety glasses. Line up the point at the tip of the Forstner bit with an intersection where the horizontal and vertical lines meet. Drill all the way through the plywood. The scrap wood ensures that the drill will not go through the table

  7. Sand the board with a sanding pad to erase pencil marks and smooth out holes. Then use a rag to dust off the board

  8. Apply stain to the board and the dowels with a brush, using a rag to wipe off the excess. Be sure to brush in the direction of the grain. You can dip a corner of the rag in the stain to reach the insides of the holes

  9. Let dry for 24 to 48 hours

  10. Installing the Peg Board
  11. Attach the board to your desired space with a nail gun, adding nails around the perimeter of the board in each corner and every 6–8" in between

  12. Insert the pegs into the best holes to display your objects. You can choose to glue the pegs in place, or leave them loose so they remain adjustable

  13. Finally, place the objects in their desired location on the pegboard