Modern Nightstand

Craft a unique nightstand perfect for any sports fan.

Modern Nightstand

Craft a unique nightstand perfect for any sports fan.

Difficulty: Easy

(1) 19" basketball hoop
(1) clear piece of acrylic, 3/8" thick, professionally cut at a glass or plastic store
to a 20" circle
Black spray paint
Adhesive window tint film
Window film application solution
Craft knife
Epoxy adhesive
24" × 6" piece of plywood, stained
(4) 2" hex bolts with 1" washers
(5) 2½" screws

  1. If needed, remove the netting from the basketball hoop. Then spray paint the entire hoop black and set aside to dry

  2. Cut a piece of the window tint film to a generously larger size than the piece of acrylic

  3. Spray the acrylic with window film application solution

  4. Peel the window tint from its backing and lay it so that it fully covers the acrylic. Use the squeegee to push out any air bubbles

  5. Flip the acrylic over. Next, use the craft knife to trim the excess window tint film so it lines up with the edge of the acrylic. Apply more window film application solution and use the squeegee again if needed

  6. Apply a small dab of epoxy evenly around the top rim of the basketball hoop

  7. Center the acrylic on the rim with the film side facing down, and apply a light amount of pressure to make sure it is firmly adhered

  8. Installing the Nightstand
  9. Use five 2½" screws and a driver to attach a piece of wood vertically into the area you would like to install the piece. This will act as support for the nightstand

  10. Attach the hoop to the support piece with four hex bolts and washers by screwing them into the holes on the flat side of the hoop with an adjustable wrench