Milk Bottle Salt and Pepper Shakers

These simple salt and pepper shakers will add farmhouse charm to your kitchen table.

Difficulty: Easy

(2) glass milk bottles with metal lids
White and black chalk paint
(2) paintbrushes
1/16" drill bit
Painter’s tape
Precision knife
Protective eyewear
“S” and “P” alphabet stickers
Salt and pepper

  1. Wrap a piece of painter’s tape around the base of a milk bottle. Wrap another piece of painter’s tape 1" from the top. Repeat for the second milk bottle

  2. Place the “S” sticker in between the tape on one bottle. Repeat for the “P” sticker on the other bottle

  3. With a paintbrush, apply white chalk paint to the “S” bottle and black chalk paint to the “P” bottle, painting over the sticker letters. Make sure to paint only inside the painter’s tape borders on the bottles

  4. Let the paint dry
  5. Using a precision knife, lift up the sticker letters and remove the painter’s tape

  6. Drill four to five holes using the drill bit into the milk bottle cap

  7. Pour salt into the “S” bottle and pepper into the “P” bottle

  8. Place the caps on the milk bottles, and set on the kitchen table