Professional-Looking Pie Crust Designs

Discover fresh ways to embellish a standard pie crust with these eye-catching ideas.

There’s nothing better than a delicious homemade pie.

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Just when you thought a slice of pie couldn’t get any sweeter, we've come up with some festive ways to customize the piecrust and wow your family and friends.

By using premade pie crust dough and trying out these simple-to-make creations, family and friends will think you’re the next celebrity baker! Get ready to delight your guests with pies that look as tantalizing as they taste.

Tip: Don’t let dirty dishes sour your sweet pie-making efforts. After the pie has been eaten, wash pie pans, dessert plates and forks with minimal effort using Dawn Platinum Dish Soap – it can remove baked-on food in seconds!

A pinch of peach

A ripe peach pie is always a party pleaser. Make yours even peachier with a crust that complements the pie to perfection. After laying out the premade dough onto your pie pan, pinch the excess dough around the rim between your thumb and forefinger into half-moon shapes all around the perimeter to match the shapes of the sliced peaches in your filling. Tidy up the loose ends by removing excess.

Once your pie is baked, you can place slices of fresh peaches right inside the pinched parts of the crust. Your pie will look like a professional creation – and only you will know the secret was right at your fingertips!

Braided blueberry bliss

Blueberry pie could make any mouth water, but once you match the looks to the taste, you’ve really got a pie contest-worthy creation! A braided perimeter is easy to make and truly makes your pie pop. Use premade dough and lay it out in your pan. Trim the excess and roll into a long log (at least three times as long as the perimeter of the pie). Divide the log into three equal portions and roll out into long, thin logs. Braid – as you would your hair – and set aside. After filling the shell with your blueberry filling, place the braid along the perimeter of the pie crust at the top. Press every inch or so to ensure it stays in place. Once your pie bakes and the braid puffs, even you will be impressed at how lovely it looks.

Tip: If you have extra dough, braid some dough pieces separately and create pie crust breadsticks for a delicious coffee complement!

Leafy lemon (or key lime)

The citrus flavors in a lemon or key lime pie really burst, and the scent makes your kitchen oh-so-inviting. Take that lemon or lime delight up a notch with a fancy crust that is super-simple to make. You’ll only need a leaf-shaped cookie cutter.

Lay the premade dough in the bottom of your pan, bake and then add your filling once the crust has cooled. Use your excess dough to make leaves with the cutter. Bake separately and decorate the top of the pie with the beautiful shapes. You can go all around the rim, make rows of leaves, create circular patterns – or come up with a design all your own.

Stars and stripes

A patriotic pie is a wonderful treat for the 4th of July or any time of year. By cutting your own star shapes or using a cookie cutter, you can decorate the rim of your pie or scatter pie crust stars over the top of a delicious red-, white- and blue-filled pie. Go for a strawberry, raspberry and blueberry filling with a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on top. Simply cut the star shapes from premade dough scraps, and after lining the pan with dough and filling, decorate the top with stars. If desired, cut thin stripes with dough and line across the top of the pie. Get ready for fireworks of flavor!

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