This Valentine’s Day, craft handmade cards for a friend, child or sweetie with our simple ideas.

Making handmade valentines is a sweet gesture that lets the recipient know how much they mean to you … but coming up with a unique and creative design can add stress to an otherwise fun day. These special valentines use simple materials and are easy to put together, yet they pack a punch of serious cuteness. Below are some ideas for classroom valentines, a Valentine’s Day card for a friend or family member, or a special card for your sweetheart.

Tip: We <3 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 4-ever. It’s great for cleaning up craft messes – just wet, squeeze and swipe!

1. Eye Heart You

A crafty, googly-eyed message is a clever and funny valentine with lots of room to write a note inside. These are great for classroom Valentine’s Day parties!


Heart-shaped craft punch
Large googly eyes
Fancy pen or favorite stamp


  1. Cut cardstock to 2½-by-7 inches and fold in half to make a 2½-by-3½-inch folded card
  2. Use scissors or a heart-shaped craft punch to cut hearts from festive craft paper
  3. About a half-inch from the fold, make one hole punch big enough for your googly eye to fit through, and glue it in place
  4. Glue a heart to the right of your googly eye, and use a fancy pen or stamp to write “you”
  5. Once all the glue has dried, write a message inside

2. Fortune Cookie

A special message hides inside a look-alike paper fortune cookie. These deceptively easy valentines are a great out-of-the-box idea to show your love to that special someone.


Craft paper
Paper for written fortune messages


  1. Cut a 4-inch circle from cardboard to use as a template for your cookie, and trace as many as you will need onto craft paper. Cut out the circles
  2. Write or type messages that will fit onto a 12-by-3 inch piece of paper, and cut them out
  3. Place a small glue dot close to the edge of a cut-out circle and fold it in half so the edges are held together – but don’t crease the paper
  4. Slip your fortune in the middle, folding it in half if you need to
  5. Place your thumb on one edge of your “cookie” and your middle finger on the other, and bend the edges back together, using your pointer finger to push in the center. Keep pushing until it folds in half and use another glue dot to hold the two sides together

3. Sprinkles to My Ice Cream

A small cellophane bag of sprinkles or colorful candies tied with pretty ribbon or twine is the perfect partner for a bowl of ice cream. Simply fill a small candy bag with toppings and tie with a tag that says, “You’re the topping to my ice cream!”

Tip: We love handmade everything … but we don’t love the mess that comes with it. That’s why we’re sweet on Swiffer WetJet – just spray and mop to break up with grime and dirt on your hard floors.

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