How To Make A DIY Donut Wall For Your Next Event

Décor never looked so delicious! Create a DIY donut wall in 4 simple steps and add personal touches as you please.

Is it food? Is it décor? Trick question: It’s both! Donut walls are the cutest way to serve up sweets in style, whether you’re planning a baby shower, a wedding, a brunch or birthday party.

And while a donut wall can easily become the show-stopping focal point of your party, it’s also deceptively simple to make. All you need is a wooden “wall” (we chose a pegboard), paint, hanging rods and of course, donuts! Just follow these steps and add personal touches along the way.

1. Pick Your Pegboard

First, choose a pegboard that’s the right size for your space. (If you can, measure the space where you plan to display the donut wall, take the measurements to a hardware store and have an associate cut your pegboard to size). Then, paint it a cute color to complement your theme. We chose a light blue shade, but personalize yours as you please.

Make It Yours: Color Coordinate.

Here are some great ways to color-coordinate your wall:

  • If the text you place above the pegboard is black, place some dark chocolate donuts throughout the dowels. Stunning!
  • If the pegboard is a light color, choose darker donuts. If it’s a dark color, choose lighter donuts and make your board stand out!
  • To go a lighter, more pastel route, opt for lightly colored donuts such as pinks, yellows and blues. A white backdrop with gold text will pair beautifully.
  • You can also paint the wooden dowels different colors to make your wall really pop. Rainbow-colored dowels with white donuts is one fun way to do this!

2. Secure the Dowels

After the pegboard is dry, fit wooden dowels securely in to the holes in the pegboard. Make sure to choose the right size dowel for your board. If the dowels don’t fit snugly, use hot glue to secure them in place. Or, if they are slightly too large for your pegboard,sand down one of the ends.

Tip: Hot glue can get a bit messy (and donut icing isn’t the cleanest, either). Say no to stickiness and make your hands smell fresh with Home Made Simple Foaming Hand Soap. It’s made with plant-based ingredients and available in Lemon, Lavender and Rosemary scents.

3. Display the Doilies

This step is optional, but we think doilies add a touch of dimension and character to a donut wall. You can place the doilies in a symmetrical design like we did to make those delicious donuts pop.You can also dress up your donut wall with fresh blooms.

Make It Yours: Signage

Entice your guests to dine on donuts with signage made from large cardstock letters (purchase them most craft stores, or trace and cut your own).Use one of our ideas, or come up with your own!

  • Donut leave me hangin’
  • Donut you want one?
  • Donuts are our love language
  • All you need is love & donuts

4. Distribute the Donuts

Just before your event begins, distribute the donuts by sliding them onto the wooden dowels. If you need room for more treats, simply place multiple donuts on each dowel. Just make sure not to smear the beautiful icing designs!

Make It Yours: Say It with Donuts

To make the display more “you,” use donuts to form the letters of your initials or spell out simple words like “love” or “yum.”

Anyone can make a donut wall by following our simple steps. This is one dessert project that your guests are sure to be talking about long after the event.

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