7 Whimsical Ways To Repurpose Teacups

Transform teacups into planters, party favors, place card holders and more.

Whether you have inherited your grandmother’s teacup collection or you like to pick them up in thrift stores or flea markets, teacups don’t have to live unused on shelves. Not only are they pretty to look at (and drink tea from, of course), they can also be practical. Here are seven ideas to put your teacup collection to good use.

Tip: If your teacups have sat in storage for a while, hand wash them first with Dawn Ultra Dish Soap, and then dry them thoroughly.

1. Make a Planter

Teacups make adorable planters. Add a little soil with a small plant and voilá! – you have a teacup planter. You don’t necessarily have to drill a hole in the bottom of the cup if you’re concerned about drainage. Simply add a small amount of rocks or pebbles to the bottom before planting.

Tip: Use a small collection of teacups for an herb garden and mark each type with a charming label.

2. Create a Pincushion

Using some fabric, poly stuffing and hot glue, your teacup can become a pretty little pincushion.


  1. Take a scrap of fabric and place it around the poly stuffing, making sure it’s nice and tight
  2. Fit the ball snugly in the teacup
  3. Hot glue the fabric together where the bottom (unseen) of the ball will be
  4. Place a band of hot glue about 1 inch from the rim and the bottom of the teacup
  5. After pressing the fabric-wrapped stuffing into the teacup, place your pins in it and enjoy

3. Craft a Cute Candleholder

A teacup makes a lovely candleholder! Simply place a small candle inside of the cup and light.

Tip: You can also make your own candles inside the cup. Just purchase a candle-making kit at your local craft store and follow the manufacturer’s directions. The advantage to making your own candles is that you can create personalized fragrances. Experiment with combining flavors like chocolate and mint, or stick with a classic favorite like lavender.

4. Make a Cake Stand

Perhaps the simplest and most charming way to repurpose a teacup is to make a cake stand. Turn the teacup upside down, add a generous amount of hot glue to the bottom of the cup and then place a large plate on top. You can coordinate the plate and cup or choose a variety of different patterns to achieve a more eclectic look.

5. Make a Teacup Birdfeeder

Glue a teacup to a matching saucer so the lip of the cup touches the plate, and allow the glue to dry. Attach it to a tree with ribbon or rustic twine and fill with birdseed.

6. Pretty Party Favors

By adding some candy or a homemade treat to your teacup, you can create a charming party favor. Wrap your teacup and treat in a clear cellophane bag, tie it with ribbon and add a thoughtful tag to complete the look.

7. Perk up Place Cards

If you’re planning a dinner party, make it easy for people to know where to sit by using teacups as place cards. Fill the teacup with lavender or a tiny succulent, attach a place card to a small dowel and insert it into the center of your teacup.

With so many different colors and patterns available, teacups make great items to repurpose, as each one can feel (and often is) unique. These seven ideas can help you see your teacup collection in a whole new light!

Grace is passionate about home décor and smart DIY projects, as evidenced on her blog, A Storied Style. Being organized is the key to her calm as she and her husband raise their four children, ages 5 years and under.

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