3 Ways To Add Mediterranean Style To Your Home Décor

Add a fresh summer vibe to any room in your house with our Mediterranean home décor ideas.

The turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, paired with the region’s delicious food, ancient history and stunning architecture, make it a great source of inspiration for home décor.

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Use these three ideas to incorporate the summery charm of the Mediterranean and set sail for a chic and inviting style.

1. Use true blue accents with neutral highlights

To instantly give your home a more coastal feel, create a color palette of rich turquoises or blues. The trick is to mix various shades of blue, but keep them within the same tone.

  • Pair royal blue with light blue and navy. If you want a softer shade, use your favorite light blue as the neutral instead.
  • Get inspiration from the coast by pairing blue with other natural shades: sandy tans, grays and warm yellows. Turquoise looks amazing with other neutral tones and adds tons of personality!
  • Choose a bright blue like cobalt and accent with bright white. Bright white décor with pops of blue looks clean, vibrant and modern.
  • Incorporate these hues in your kitchen with small white appliances, dishtowels and kitchen tools paired with a gorgeous blue tile backsplash.
  • Try this color scheme in your dining room by choosing only blue and white dishes for the dining table.

2. Bring in the ancient

A key characteristic of the Mediterranean region is its rich history. Use it as inspiration to complete the look and feel of a room.

  • Bring in a few column end tables or other vintage-looking pieces from your favorite home décor or secondhand store.
  • Install crown molding with a Greek key pattern for a subtle yet lovely detail.
  • Find a stone-top coffee table to add interesting texture that suggests “ancient ruins.”
  • Pull together the entire room with classic furniture and accents like vintage mirrors or pillows with medallion embroidery.
  • Plant greenery like lavender or ferns in distressed pots (or bright glossy blue ones) to keep with the vibe.

Tip: Complement your fresh Mediterranean décor by filling your home with the scent of Mediterranean lavender. To freshen up throw pillows and curtains, spritz them with Febreze FABRIC in Mediterranean Lavender. Then add Febreze Candles in this scent to your living room or kitchen to help eliminate odors and fill your home with the aroma of a tranquil overseas escape.

3. Keep it light and airy

Decorate with light, gently draping fabrics to emulate the Mediterranean coast.

  • Use a canopy bed frame in your bedroom and drape delicate fabrics above.
  • An all-white bedroom with pops of turquoise or purple (inspired by Mediterranean villas) will create a serene style.
  • Try adding metallic accents with mercury glass or bronze to add another texture to the décor.

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Given the diversity of the Mediterranean and its culture, this region and its sights, scents and colors can provide endless inspiration for décor ideas. The beauty of the region is best displayed when patterns and colors are given the chance to mix and mingle, so feel free to experiment with these styles.

Camille is a Bay Area-based planning and decorating expert. She is the creator of Planning Pretty, a lifestyle site dedicated to sharing easy, affordable and pretty ideas for everyday living.

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