Home Made Simple Preview: American Dream Design

Mirna and Santos fled a war to raise their 3 sons in America. Home Made Simple celebrates this success story with a new rustic living and dining room.

At the age of 17, Mirna fled her war-stricken country of El Salvador. With the help of her mother, she arrived in the United States and enrolled into a local high school. Soon after, Mirna met Santos, who had also fled El Salvador. The two helped each other file for amnesty, fell in love and became legal citizens.

Mirna and Santos got married, saved for years to buy a house and had three boys: Jeff, Edward and Christian. Mirna is immensely proud of her family, but her adult sons have quickly outgrown the living space. She wants a place to have family gatherings where they can all enjoy each other without feeling claustrophobic. With the help of Laila Ali and the Home Made Simple team (designer Kelly Edwards, carpenter Johnathan Brewer and paint expert Nancy Hadley), they’re able to turn the family’s outdated living space into a rustic, roomy area with accents of El Salvador to remind them of how far they’ve come.