Half Table Wall

Create a space-conscious surface to display photos and personal items.

Difficulty: Intermediate

(2) different-sized tables of your choice
220-grit sanding blocks
Protective eyewear
Circle saw
Paint color of your choice
Airbrush machine for painting, or paintbrush and paint roller
(2) 2" × 2" × 40"
2" wood screws
Tape measure
Stud finder

  1. Place the table on a flat surface. Clean it with water and a rag to remove dirt and debris. Then sand the entire surface, including the legs

  2. Measure to locate the center of the table horizontally, and use a pencil to mark a line across the center
  3. Put on your safety gear, and use a circle saw to cut the table in half along the markings

  4. Sand the newly cut edges of the table
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for the second table
  6. Pour paint into the air brusher and apply a generous coat of paint to the table. If you do not have an air brusher, use a paint roller and paintbrush
  7. Let dry for an hour, and then apply another coat of paint. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for the second table. Let dry overnight

  8. Installing the Tables
  9. Bring both tables into the desired placement area
  10. Measure the length of each table. Cut one 2" × 2" piece 2" smaller than the length of the larger table. Then cut the second 2" × 2" piece 2" smaller than the length of the smaller table. For example, our larger table is 48" long, and our smaller table is 28" long, so our first 2" × 2" is 46", and our second 2" × 2" is 26"
  11. Place the larger table against the wall to see how tall it is. (Our larger table is 28" tall.) Then remove the table, locate the wall studs and mark the studs at the table height. Make sure your marks are level

  12. Carpenter Tip: If you don’t have a stud finder, use the knocking method. Knock on the wall until you no longer hear a hollow noise – that’s where the stud is. Or locate the outlet on the wall, which is attached to a box in the stud (either side of the outlet can be marked). Studs are always about 16" apart from each other.

  13. Place the longer 2" × 2" piece along the lower markings from step 10, and drill it in place with 2" wood screws into each stud

  14. Center the larger table on top of the 2" × 2". Secure it in place by drilling 2" wood screws from underneath, through the 2" × 2" into the table

  15. Starting from the center top of the table installed in step 12, mark the height of the smaller table on the wall with a pencil. (Our smaller table is 18".) This is where the smaller table will be placed. Drill the shorter 2" × 2" piece to the wall at the marks with 2" wood screws into each stud

  16. Place the smaller table on top of the 2" × 2". Then secure it in place by screwing 2" wood screws from underneath, through the 2" × 2" into the table

  17. Decorate as desired