Entertainment Wall

Add a striking focal point – and additional storage – to your bedroom wall.

Entertainment Wall

Add a striking focal point – and additional storage – to your bedroom wall.

Difficulty: Difficult

Materials Reclaimed wood laminate flooring
(1) shelving unit at 16½" × 15 3/8" × 57 7/8"
(2) pieces of wood trim, painted to match the wall color
(1) IKEA LACK wall shelf
Circle saw
Nail gun
Rubber mallet
Pry bar
1½" brad nails
¾" all-purpose screws
Safety goggles
Speed square
Construction adhesive


Attaching the Laminate Flooring to the Wall
  1. If there is an outlet on the wall, draw a vertical line down from the side of the outlet. This will help during step 6

  2. Position the first piece of laminate flooring on the wall, making sure it is flush with the floor and the edge of the wall. Apply a generous amount of adhesive to the back of the board. Put the piece back in place, making sure it’s level

  3. Secure the piece to the wall by nailing it in each corner

  4. Place another piece of laminate flooring next to the first. If it’s too long for your space, use the tape measure to note the length of the excess. Use this measurement to mark a line in the laminate flooring piece, and cut along the line with a circle saw

  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 to continue the first row of laminate flooring on the wall

  6. For the second row, if the outlet is in the way, measure and mark the size of the outlet on the wood, and cut it out with a jigsaw. Use the mark made in step 1 as a guide

  7. Repeat step 5 to complete the second row

  8. Carpenter’s Tip: The laminate flooring boards we used lock into place. If you’re having trouble locking them, stick the pry bar underneath the board before nailing it. Then use the rubber mallet to jimmy it into place.

  9. Repeat step 5 to cover the remainder of the wall. If necessary, follow step 6 for any other outlets

  10. When you reach the top of the wall, if the wood flooring needs to be cut, repeat step 4 but cut lengthwise

  11. Place the trim around the perimeter of the wall, nailing it in place every 3 inches

  12. Hanging the Shelving

  13. Determine where the shelf will be placed. In this case, we measured and marked 19" up from the floor and 38" in from the side of the wall

  14. Place the L-bracket on the mark and drill it into place with ¾" all-purpose screws. Place another L-bracket 12" away, making sure it is level

  15. Place the shelving unit on top of the brackets, making sure the brackets are centered. Then screw the brackets in from the bottom

  16. NOTE: It’s best to have another person help place the shelf on top of the brackets.

  17. Place two more L-brackets flush underneath the top shelf, in each of the two middle cubes, and drill them in. They should be 3" in from the right vertical spacer

  18. Drill two more L-brackets in each of the other two cubes to secure the shelf in place

  19. Measure 18" down from the ceiling. This is where the LACK shelf will be placed. Follow the instructions included with the shelf to attach it to the wall

  20. Personalize the entertainment wall by hanging a TV and adding photos, flowers or other décor