Custom Chopping Board

Add a personal touch to a chopping board that doubles as a cheese board.

Difficulty: Easy/intermediate

Safety goggles
1" paddle bit
220-grit sandpaper
Precut butcher block chopping boards measuring 1½" × 6" × 8" and 1½" × 8½" × 11"
Precision blade
Painter’s tape
Dry rags
Durable plastic coating
Plastic dipping container
Leather strips
Wood block conditioner

  1. Using a ruler, measure 1½" from the bottom and right edge of the smaller chopping board to find the center of the right corner. Mark the spot where both measurements meet with a pencil

  2. Clamp the chopping board to the table to keep it sturdy

  3. Using the paddle drill bit, drill a hole at the pencil mark

  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for the larger chopping board

  5. Sand down both chopping boards with 220-grit sandpaper

  6. On both boards, measure about 3" from the edge on the center bottom, and mark with a pencil

  7. Tape across the chopping boards above the pencil marks with painter’s tape

  8. Pour durable plastic coating into a plastic container at least 3" deep

  9. Dip the smaller chopping board into the plastic coating, making sure not to dip past the painter’s tape

  10. Continue dipping the board until the coating is as thick as you prefer

  11. Use the clamps to secure the board to your work surface, positioning the coated edge of the chopping board so it hangs over the edge of the work surface while drying

  12. Repeat steps 9 through 11 for the larger chopping board

  13. Once the plastic coating is dry, unhook the clamps

  14. For both cutting boards, place a ruler along the painter’s tape, and with a precision knife cut a straight line into the tape, all the way across the cutting board

  15. When finished cutting, carefully lift up the tape

  16. Pull a leather strip through the corner hole in the smaller chopping board. Repeat for the larger chopping board

  17. Tie a knot at the end of the leather strip

  18. Place your new cutting boards on the kitchen counter, or use them as cheese trays