Custom Cat Tower

Your cat will love to jump on and perch atop this DIY climbing tower.

Custom Cat Tower

Your cat will love to jump on and perch atop this DIY climbing tower.

Difficulty: Difficult

(4) 20" × 20" plywood pieces
(4) 20" × 26" plywood pieces
2" × 6" × 6' wooden post
Carpet squares
Hot glue gun
Adhesive spray
Staple gun
Permanent marker
1" screws
Craft knife
Protective eyewear
Tape measure
Nail gun and nails

  1. Connect two 20" × 20" plywood pieces to each 20" edge of a 20" × 26" plywood piece, creating a C-shape

  2. Use a nail gun to secure the three plywood pieces together

  3. Turn the C-shaped shelf on its legs and drill three to four evenly spaced 1" screws into the top edges to further secure the shelf

  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 to create a second C-shaped shelf

  5. Turn the C-shaped shelf on its side and place a carpet square on top

  6. Remove the carpet piece. Apply hot glue around the perimeter of the wood where the carpet will be adhered

  7. Lay the carpet piece on top of the glued wood piece

  8. Staple each corner of the carpet to the wood

  9. Turn over the C-shaped shelf, and use a craft knife to carefully cut off the excess carpet

  10. Repeat steps 5 through 9 to add carpet squares to the top part of the C-shaped shelf

  11. Repeat steps 5 through 10 for the second C-shaped shelf

  12. Once both C-shaped shelves are carpeted, set them across from and in between each other on a flat surface, with all carpet facing in the same direction

  13. Lay a rectangular 2" × 6" × 6' wooden post evenly across the two C-shaped shelves

  14. Measure 18" from the bottom edge of the wooden post. Use an angle to make a perpendicular line to determine where the first shelf edge will sit

  15. From the first perpendicular line, mark where the second shelf edge will sit

  16. Mark where the third shelf edge will sit

  17. Place an L-bracket at all three lines

  18. Drill a 1" screw into each L-bracket to secure them in place

  19. Flip over the 6' post, and connect the L-brackets to the undersides of the corresponding C-shaped shelves

  20. Starting from the middle, tightly wrap rope around the post, securing it in place with hot glue

  21. After wrapping the rope four to five times around the post and attaching with hot glue, staple the rope on the underside of the post for extra security

  22. Continue to wrap, glue and staple the rope until the 6' post is completely covered