Wood Photo Hanging Display

Create an innovative and stylish display for family photos.

Wood Photo Hanging Display

Create an innovative and stylish display for family photos.

Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate

Digital family photos
Wax paper
8½" × 11" printer paper
(14) 4" × 4" precut plywood squares
Cup of water
Scraper or old credit card
Spray paint
Painter’s tape
Drill gun
Appropriate drill bits
38" copper pole
Staple gun
5 tassels

Yarn needle

  1. Cut a piece of wax paper slightly smaller than 8½" × 11". Tape the wax paper to an 8½" × 11" piece of printer paper. Run it through a printer so the ink prints onto the wax paper

  2. Dip a rag into a cup of water to lightly dampen the surface of one plywood square

  3. Lay the wax paper photo onto the damp side of the plywood square, ink side down
  4. Making sure not to move the photo at all, rub a scraper or an old credit card against the back of the wax paper to transfer the ink onto the plywood square

  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for eight of the remaining plywood squares
  6. Use the painter’s tape to cover half of the remaining four plywood squares diagonally. Cover the remaining exposed half with spray paint in your desired color and set aside to dry

  7. Once all the plywood squares are dry, drill a hole into each corner of each square. The holes should be large enough for yarn to pass through

  8. Cut 10 separate pieces of yarn, all about arm’s length. Wrap the top of one piece of yarn three times around the copper pole, and then double knot it

  9. Use a yarn needle, or wrap painter’s tape around the tip of the yarn to form a makeshift needle. Thread the yarn through the top hole of one of the photos. Insert the needle or yarn tip from front to back
  10. Pull the needle or yarn tip through the bottom hole from back to front

  11. Repeat for the holes on the other side of the plywood square. You can use the old credit card or a ruler to make sure both sides of the square are equidistant from the copper poll
  12. Flip over the plywood square carefully so that its placement remains intact. Use the staple gun to secure its location by placing two staples at the top and bottom of each string of yarn

  13. Repeat for the remaining plywood squares in the following arrangement:

  14. Once you are done stringing the plywood squares, tie the two strings at the end of each column of squares together, and tie a tassel at the end. Trim any excess yarn
    1. Design Tip: You can make a hanging display with all kinds of different items, like baby shoes or even decorative stones.