Wire Side Table

This project makes the simplest side table out of inexpensive items.

5 col


24" round wood panel
Wire basket
½" staples
T50 heavy-duty staple gunWood stain
Tack hammer
Dry rag
Tape measure

1. Use the tape measure to find the middle of the 24" round wood panel and mark with the pencil

2. Set the wire basket (face down) on top of the wood panel and eyeball the basket to place in the center. Then use the tape measure to measure the space between the basket and the edge of the wood to make sure it’s the same length all around, and make adjustments if needed

3. Once the basket is truly center, use the pencil to trace around the basket

4. Set the wire basket aside

5. Stain the 24" round wood panel with the wood stain and paintbrush. Apply an even coat and use the dry rag to wipe off excess

6. Let wood stain dry 1 hour, per side

7. Set the wire basket back on the round wood panel where the traced outline is

8. Use the T50 heavy-duty staple gun and ½" staples to staple the wire basket to the wood panel. Staple every 2" around the basket

9. Then tap the staples in with the tack hammer

10. Flip the table right-side up