Waterproof Terra Cotta Pots

This project achieves a stylish antique look on new pots.

Difficulty: Easy

Terra cotta pots
Green milk paint powder
Black milk paint powder
Plastic cups
Sea sponges
Latex gloves
Pineapple stencil
Painter’s tape
Gold paint
Foam brushes
Scrap paper
Clear exterior finish

  1. Mix milk paint powder with water in a cup as instructed on the packaging

  2. Begin dabbing green milk paint onto the terra cotta pot with a damp sea sponge to create a mottled effect

  3. Design Tip: Although natural sea sponges are more expensive than standard sponges, they create the desired uneven pattern that makes the pot look weathered and antiqued.

  4. Continue the process using black milk paint to add depth. Blot the paint so that the black and green colors are blended but still mottled

  5. Allow pot to dry completely
  6. After the milk paint has dried, use painter’s tape to position the pineapple stencil in the desired location

  7. Using a clean foam brush, apply gold paint to the body of the pineapple and black paint to the leaf area

  8. Design Tip: After dipping the foam brush into the paint, dab the brush on a scrap piece of paper to reduce the amount of paint applied to the pot. This helps achieve the weathered look we are looking for.

  9. Remove the stencil. Repeat steps 5 and 6 twice more on equidistant areas around the pot, and then let dry

  10. Apply clear exterior finish to seal the paint. Finally, plant some plants inside!