Privacy Garden Walls

Build a stylish wooden wall to create privacy for a backyard or patio.

Privacy Garden Walls

Build a stylish wooden wall to create privacy for a backyard or patio.

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Difficulty: Difficult

(2) 2' × 6' pieces of exterior plywood
(6) 2" × 4" × 6' pieces of pine wood
(4) 2" × 4" × 2' pieces of pine wood
(2) 2" × 4" × 5' 8" pieces of pine wood
(24) 1" × 4" × 5' 7/8" pine fence planks
1½" Exterior grade screws
(8) Angle braces
Drill bit
Nail gun
1½" brad nails
Potted plants or candles
Tape measure

1. To build out the base of the privacy garden wall, line up the 2' × 6' plywood sheet and secure the 2" × 4" × 6' wood panels to the side of the plywood using a nail gun and brad nails. Drive nails about 12" apart along the wood panels – this will keep the wood from shifting. Predrill holes along the wood panel every 5", and secure with 1½" exterior-grade screws

2. Line up the sides of the base using the 2' × 4' wood panels. Secure with a nail gun and brad nails, putting one nail at each edge and one in the center to hold in place. Predrill holes using the drill and drill bit, about 5" apart, and follow up with exterior-grade screws

3. For additional support, add angle braces. Use the drill to secure two angle braces on all four sides (totaling eight braces). On the long edges, measure 1½' from each short edge and mark. On the short edges, measure 1' from each long edge and mark. These marks are where the braces will be applied

4. Flip over the board and attach the castors to each corner of the base using the drill and exterior-grade screws. Predrill using the drill and drill bit, and follow up with the drill and exterior-grade screws

5. Once the castors are in place, flip over the board. It’s time to attach the two 2" × 4" × 6' upward posts. Measure and mark the center of one 2' × 4' side of the base. Center should be 2'. Place one 2" × 4" × 6' post flush against the marked center, and predrill using a drill and drill bit. Secure exterior-grade screws. Repeat for the second 2" × 4" × 6' post

6. Put a 2" × 4" × 5' 8" piece of wood into the box base directly aligned with the upward posts. This will create additional support. It will be a tight fit, so you can use a light step to secure your board

7. Create a channel system (or tracks), to hold the fence pieces in place. Place two 1" × 2" × 6' pieces of wood against the first upward post, and predrill holes into the top, middle and bottom. Secure with exterior-grade screws into each wood piece. There should be 12/8" of space left between each track to properly accommodate the wood fence pieces. Repeat on the opposite side

8. Once the tracks are in place, insert the first 1" × 4" × 5' 7 /8" fence piece by dropping in (or lightly stacking) between the track created in step 7. Repeat until fence pieces reach the top

9. Once all fence pieces have been placed in the track, use a drill and screws to secure every third fence piece with exterior-grade screws on each end to keep them in place, working from the bottom up

10. Decorate the wall by adding mulch to the base (this will also hide any nails and braces) with plants or candles