Personalized Picture Frame

Make a special custom picture frame to house a beloved photograph.

Personalized Picture Frame

Make a special custom picture frame to house a beloved photograph.

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A favorite 5" × 7" photo
(2) 5" × 7" acrylic sheets
3/8" leather cord
(4) ¼" × 1½" × 7¼" wood planks
Forstner drill bit
Drill driver
Adhesive accelerator
Wire cutters
Metallic marker
Phillips screwdriver
Decorative pull
Gold-plated screw caps
¼" screws
Rare-earth magnets
Brass eyeholes
Craft wire
Super glue


1. Measure 1 3/8" on each end of the four ¼" × 1½" × 7¼" wooden planks. Mark with a pencil

2. Use the drill driver and the forstner drill bit to drill a circle about ¼" deep. Remember to do this for all four wooden planks

3. Once all four planks have been drilled into, apply a dollop of super glue in each hole

4. Carefully insert one round rare earth magnet in each hole. These magnets are extremely strong, so use caution when placing them. Spray the accelerator over the magnets to help the super glue dry beneath

5. Select one wood plank and measure 1¼" in from the brim’s edge on both sides

6. Drill with the 1/8" drill bit on the marks

7. Twist the brass eyehooks into the drilled holes

8. Loop the 3/8" leather cord through one of the eyehooks as shown

9. Use the craft wire to secure the loop in place as shown. Cut off the excess wire with the wire cutters, and trim the leather cord if needed with scissors

10. Loop the other side of the leather cord around the other brass eyehook, and repeat step 9

11. Select two wood planks for the front of the frame

12. Measure about 1½" in on both planks and mark with a pencil

13. Drill holes at the marks with the 1/8" drill bit

14. Insert the gold-plated screw caps. Use the Phillips screwdriver to install the threaded screw first

15. Twist the cap on

16. Use a metallic or permanent marker to write a sentimental note on the photograph

17. Sandwich the photograph between the two 5" × 7" acrylic sheets

18. Assemble the frame. Position the two planks with the gold caps at the top and bottom front of the acrylic sheets, and the plank with eyehooks will serve as the back top plate, as shown. The strength of the rare earth magnets will keep the frame in place