Pallet Wood TV Console

Create a modern yet rustic way to display a television and other items in your living room.

Pallet Wood TV Console

Create a modern yet rustic way to display a television and other items in your living room.

Difficulty: Intermediate

(2) TV units at 39 3/8" × 14 1/8" × 20 7/8
(2) wooden pallets
½ pint varathane polyurethane in matte soft-touch finish
Walnut-colored stain
Drill with 3/16" drill bit
2" all-purpose screws
1½" finishing nails
Chop saw
Pry bar
Rubber mallet
Sander and 100-grit sanding discs
Protective eyewear
Leather gloves
Tape measure

  1. Push the two TV units together. Drill a hole with a 3/16" drill bit where the two units meet, 1" down from the top and 1" up from the bottom on both sides
  2. Drill a 2" screw through each hole so they stay together. Use pliers to cut the screw down so it no longer sticks out. Repeat steps 1 and 2 on the opposite side of the units

  3. Set the unit aside. Bring the pallet over and pry off the wood boards. To do so, take the prybar and place it underneath one of the boards. Tap the prybar with the hammer repeatedly to get one side off, and then lightly shimmy the piece off the other nail

  4. Repeat step 3 until all of the wood boards have been removed from both pallets. Set the pieces aside when done
  5. Place the TV unit on the workspace. Lay the wood boards on top of the unit, making sure they’re flush with the edge. Lay them out in a jagged pattern: one side should be flush with the left, the next piece should be flush with the right, etc.

  6. Secure the wood with two nails in each side

  7. Once all pieces are nailed into place, measure the length of the spaces in between. Then cut wood boards to match those measurements

  8. Place wood boards in the empty spaces to ensure they fit properly. Secure them in place with two nails in each end.
  9. Continue until the top shelf if completely covered in wood

  10. Repeat steps 5 through 9 on the bottom shelf of the unit, if applicable

  11. Lightly sand the wooden pieces to prep for stain
  12. Use a dry rag or paintbrush to stain the wood

  13. Carpenter’s Tip: Less is more when using wood stain. If using the paintbrush to apply wood stain, make sure to apply an even coat across all wood pieces. If you accidentally apply too much, use a dry rag to blot away the excess.

  14. Let dry for an hour and place in the desired area