Paintbrush Block Storage

Keep your paintbrushes and art supplies organized with this DIY wooden storage container.

Difficulty: Easy

4" × 4" × 24" wood block
Tape measure
Safety glasses
Paddle drill bit
Paintbrushes and art supplies

  1. Clamp the wood block to the table

  2. Put on safety glasses and use the paddle drill bit to drill a hole in the top of the wooden block, 2" from the edge

  3. Dig out any wood dust in the drilled hole

  4. Stick a paintbrush in the hole to make sure you have drilled to the desired depth

  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 to drill the remaining paintbrush holes, using different-size drill bits to create a variety of diameters

  6. Once all holes are drilled, remove the clamps and place paintbrushes and other art supplies in the organizer