Modern Knob Organizer

Create a stylish wall organizer to store necklaces, earrings, scarves and other small accessories.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

¾" × 2½" × 25" pine wood board
Gray wood stain
(5) decorative knobs
Small paint roller and paint tray
Dry rag
Tape measure


1. Pour the gray wood stain in the small paint tray and apply an even coat of stain to the ¾" × 2½" × 25" pine wood board

2. Use the rag to wipe off excess wood stain, and let the board dry for 3 minutes

3. Arrange the five decorative knobs along the painted pine wood board and use the measuring tape to mark with a pencil every 3–4" where the knobs will be placed

4. Screw in all five decorative knobs

Designer Tip: Pine is such a soft wood that you don’t need a drill to insert these knobs – just use your hand to twist with force, and they will screw in.