Macramé Wall Hanging

This therapeutic project creates a colorful piece of wall art.

5 col

Difficulty: Intermediate

Polyester-cotton-blend twine in various colors
Macramé cord
(2) ½" × 48" dowel rods
Tape measure


1. You can create this project with one color of macramé cord, or you can incorporate two, three or four different colors. In this project, the designer used blue, pink, white and gray. Start by cutting eight 160" strands of each color

2. Now fold each strand in half, and pair it with one of its matching colors

3. Hang a pair of strands in the middle of a ½" × 48" dowel rod, and tie a knot so it creates a four-strand group

4. Continue to hang the colored pairings, and then knot them until you have 14 knots. Order and placement is up to you

5. Once you have knotted your 14th grouping, space the knots evenly on the dowel rod

6. Time to macramé! First, loosely tie the outer strands to make a loose figure-8

7. Within the figure-8, widen the left opening as shown

8. Pull the inner two strands through the left eye opening

9. Gently tighten

10. Now repeat steps 6 through 9 with the same four strands

11. You have completed your first macramé knot. Repeat steps 6 through 10 for the remaining 13 groupings, and continue to make macramé knots until the wall hanging is the desired length

12. In this project, the designer decided to intertwine some of the colors. Here’s how to do that. First, identify the outer strands of each color

13. Make a macramé knot with these four strands

14. Continue to intertwine colors as desired. You can even stop knotting and let the twine hang in the middle, as shown. Feel free to add more macramé knots toward the bottom if desired

15. When you get to the desired finishing point, add the bottom dowel rod to the macramé art. Make a simple knot underneath the second ½" × 48" dowel rod with a pair of two strands (four strands total) as in the beginning. Continue until all strands are knotted around the dowel. Cut off any excess