Macramé Wall Art

This easy-to-make project uses yarn and copper elements to create a modern, rustic wall hanging perfect for a nursery.

Difficulty: Easy

Wood branch, about 1" thick
(6) skeins of blue yarn
(1) skein of ecru yarn
(7) 1½" copper pressure cups
10' of ¼"-wide jute rope

  1. Cut wood branch to 24"

  2. Pull 6' of blue yarn from the skein. Working with a helper, stand 6' apart and pass the skein of yarn back and forth between you until you have created a large loop of yarn. Stop when the combined strands of yarn are approximately 1½" thick

  3. Trim both ends of the yarn loop. Fold the yarn strands in half. Wrap the folded strands over the branch once, and pull the yarn ends through the loop that was created from folding the yarn in half

  4. Repeat steps 2 through 4 nine more times, for a total of 10 yarn bunches. For the ninth yarn bunch, use ecru yarn instead of denim

  5. Twist each yarn bunch to gather it, and pull the ends through a copper pressure cup. Slide each pressure cup into position where desired

  6. Tie one strand of yarn to the pressure cup to secure it

  7. Lay the wall hanging flat, smooth out all yarn strands, and trim the yarn into the desired shape or angle

  8. Tie a piece of jute rope onto either end of the branch and hang