Leather Drawer Hardware

This project elevates the “wow” factor of an average drawer by incorporating leather details.

5 col
Difficulty: Easy

(2) 3" × 8" pieces of leather hide
(12) nuts and carriage bolts to fit drawer
Hole punch
Block of wood

Note: These materials will make 12 handles.


1. Flip the 3" × 8" piece of leather hide suede-side up. Using a marker and a ruler, draw a line down the middle, 4" from the edge. Then draw another horizontal line every 1". There should be six equally sized rectangles. Repeat this step for the other piece of leather

2. Use the scissors to cut out each rectangle. When finished, you should have 12 strips measuring 1" × 4" each

3. Set the wood block on a table or flat surface. Fold one of the 1" × 4" pieces of leather in half. Set the piece of leather on the wood block and position the hole punch ¼" from the raw edges. Use the hammer to pound the hole punch through the leather

4. Continue this process for all 12 pieces of leather

5. To install the leather drawer handles, choose a nut and bolt combination that will fit the drawer. Insert the bolt through the leather handle and the front of the drawer, and then connect the nut from the inside of the drawer. Tighten the nut and screw the leather handle into the drawer