The nature-inspired way to blast bugs in your home

Eject uninvited pests with a solution that’s people and pet friendly.

We’re spending a lot of time at home these days. It’s one thing to share space with your partner, children, pets and plants. But it’s quite another to be expected to share your precious home with pests, rodents and creepy crawlies.

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While it helps to keep a clean and tidy living space, you can disinfect and sanitize your heart out and the bugs can and will still get in if they want to. There are, of course, a million products on the market and DIY remedies to rid your house of insects, but how effective and convenient are those techniques?

Over 90% of people are concerned about bugs in their home, yet almost as many are concerned about what’s in those traditional bug killer sprays. The best way to go about effectively wrangling and removing (ahem, killing) uninvited pests from your home is to choose a naturally-inspired route — especially if you’ve got kiddos and pets around!

Traditional sprays usually require you, your family and your pets to vacate the premises for a while (like, hours and hours... and sometimes an entire day for potent bug-bombs!). These products can be very effective, but also come with a host of usage restrictions which can be inconvenient, at the very least. Not to mention the anxiety felt by many users about the smell and residue left behind.

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but kids and pets spend a lot of time on the floor. Like, most of their time. The floor is their little world. And they also do a whole lot of touching the floor and then sticking their little paws into their mouths.

To effectively handle invasive pests in your home, we suggest choosing a bug spray inspired by nature and natural plant defenses. These are typically formulated using some combination of essential oils, derived from plants. This approach uses nature’s brilliant crafted solution – developed over millions of years of evolution. Certain essential oils, like geraniol and lemongrass oil, can have very potent and deadly effects on insects’ biology.

For an effective and naturally-inspired solution to your pest problem, we recommend using Zevo’s Instant Action Multi-Insect Spray. Zevo’s BioSelective formula targets and shuts down biological pathways found in bugs, not in people and pets. Zevo Instant Action Spray uses geraniol and lemongrass oil, found in a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and spices. Their entomolgists (bug scientists) understand the biological differences between bugs and mammals, which helps them to carefully select ingredients that are effective on insects, and safe for use around people and pets*. Zevo also has unique spray formulas designed to eliminate every sort of pest: crawling, flying, and stinging. And, of course, the ones that do all three. We hate those little jerks.

Zevo Instant Action Multi-Insect Spray is made up of geraniol (found in rose oil, lavender, fruits, vegetables, and herbs) and lemongrass oil (distilled from the leaves and stalks of the lemongrass plant) — plus a handful of inert (chemically inactive) ingredients that help to amplify the properties of the essential oils, making them effective in killing bugs.

(Note: We know all of those essential oils sound delicious, but Zevo Instant Action Spray is for applying directly on to pests and not for use on your skin, pets or plants!)

There are also a lot of blogs out there that recommend controlling pests by using concentrated essential oils. Zevo has taken the time to do the research to figure out the exact science behind harnessing the power of these essential oils at low concentrations to make them powerful and efficient against bugs, from ants and cockroaches to spiders and gnats. So, while you might make your house smell nice with concentrated essential oils and a diffuser, attempting to remove bugs this way will likely be ineffective. (You may also risk damaging certain surfaces with raw concentrated oils!)

So grab Zevo at the first sign of a bug problem. This means spraying insects in your home right away even when you only see 1 or 2. That house fly buzzing around can lay eggs that grow, mature, and become adults in just 7 days! In addition to using Zevo to safeguard your home from insects, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to bug-proof your home, from the inside out.

How to prevent bugs from entering your home

  • Eliminate potential sources of food, water and shelter.
    • Minimize clutter where bugs can hide. Bugs love cozy paper nests! So sort and toss old piles of mail, cardboard boxes and magazines. Dust off bookshelves, desks and drawers full of menus and recipes. Minimizing clutter will not only discourage bugs, but you’ll be amazed how much better you feel once it’s gone, too.
    • Regularly take out garbage. This seems like an obvious chore, but overflowing trash cans can sneak up on you. Be sure to keep a tight lid on all bins containing kitchen scraps or compost. Remember to rinse containers before throwing them into the recycling bin.
    • Keep all food (and pet food) in properly sealed containers. Don’t leave pet food out overnight in uncovered bowls. (Mice also love pet food!)
  • Be mindful of leaky plumbing. Insects love moisture and humidity. Check beneath sinks regularly or invest in an electronic leak detector, which will alert you to unwanted drips and puddle accumulations.
  • Seal off potential entry ways for bugs.
    • Make sure doors and windows are properly sealed. Bugs will happily walk through the front door, just like you do. Don’t make it so easy for them.
  • Caulk cracks around baseboards and cabinets. Cracks are like backdoors for bugs.
  • Keep your lawn tidy and your foliage trimmed. The more unkempt your yard and bushes surrounding your house are, the more likely the pests are to make themselves at home.
  • Don’t let water stagnate in and around your house. Drain and refill your kiddie pools, ponds, puddles and bird baths regularly so the bugs don’t get too comfortable. Be careful not to overwater indoor house plants. This provides a perfect place for some insects to lay eggs.

Now when uninvited insects inevitably show up inside your house — which they will! — you can use Zevo’s nature-inspired formula to prevent those bugs from making your home into their home.

*When used as directed. Avoid spraying near birds, reptiles or fish.

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