Creative Ways To Organize Your Closets

Use color, labels and clever storage options to keep your closets clean and clutter-free.

“Keep it attractive.” Remember these three words when tackling an organization project in your home. The more eye-pleasing something is, the more you're inclined to keep it that way.

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Case in point? Your closets. Try a few of these creative ideas to help keep your closets orderly and free of clutter.

Organize by color

Try arranging the clothing in your closet by color, starting with red on the left, going through all the colors of the rainbow and finishing with white, black and brown. Not only will this make your closet look cheerful, but it makes getting dressed oh-so simple.

Wrangle your shoes

Store shoes in small clear plastic boxes with lids. These can either stack on the floor underneath hung clothing or be placed on a higher shelf for easy access. Store special occasion shoes or seasonal footwear (sandals, winter boots) toward the back of your closet, and move shoes you wear more regularly closer to the front.

Tip: Clean stale odors from your closet and bedroom by spraying Febreze AIR at least once a week.

Budget wisely

If you're on a budget and need to keep your spending down, try adding a small dresser to a corner of your closet to store sweaters, swimwear and athletic wear. Small, practical pieces of furniture can be found in thrift stores and garage sales. Even the smallest closet can usually fit a modest piece of furniture that can help you organize. Consider painting each drawer front a different color or covering them with decorative paper.

Utilize your closet door

The inside of your closet door can be valuable organizational real estate! Hang a small coat rack on the inside of the closet door to store belts, scarves or even jewelry.

Add a few baskets

What’s not to love about a woven basket? Baskets and organizing go hand in hand. They can be used on the floor of your closet for storing winter coats, on the top shelf for those jeans you are planning to fit into next spring or even used to hide birthday gifts for your children.

Make sure to label

Label baskets, drawers and plastic bins so you can find what you need quickly. You can even find decorative labels and create custom tags to add your personal style to anything you stick them to.

In the end, the key to successful organizing is to keep it fun, attractive and, above all, simple.

Selena is a mother and the founder of Apron Thrift Girl, a blog devoted to living stylishly for less. She's an avid crafter and a gluten-free food lover based in the heart of Sonoma County, Calif.

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