Learn how color can affect a space’s vibe – and even your mood – with our hue-based tips and suggestions.

Often, the first thing we notice when entering a room is the color. Whether a space is awash with stately cobalt blue, intense and fiery crimson, regal plum or serene sea green, color can do more than simply add to a room’s décor – it can lend a specific vibe, make a space feel larger or smaller … or even make you feel a certain way. Who knew that choosing a room’s color scheme could be such an important decision?

When choosing a main color for a room, it’s helpful to consider how color can influence our emotions, the room’s look and feel, and even our habits and behaviors. Read on to learn how to harness color and transform a room’s mood.


From crimson to maroon, red shades are daring, intense and stimulating. This color is most effective when used as an accent. Select a focal wall to paint, or try adding throw pillows or blankets in rich crimson or red-orange.

Tip: Make sure to spritz throws and pillows regularly with Febreze FABRIC to eliminate odors and keep them smelling fresh.


Need a natural pick-me-up? Consider citrus-y, vibrant orange. This shade can sometimes be overwhelming (especially brighter tones), but when used as an accent color it can fill you with energy. If you’re not ready to commit to a bright-orange wall, add pops of orange with flowers, either fresh from the grocery store or artificial, to infuse a little freshness into your space.


Cheerful and attention-grabbing, yellow is often associated with optimism and hope. We love to add it to fun, unexpected places to give a room a mood boost. Try painting the interior shelves of a built-in bookcase yellow to make displayed objects more eye-catching, or frame windows in sunny yellow curtains.


Evoking the elements of nature, green has a calming influence on the mind. Look for softer greens in rooms where you want to relax or meditate, and more vibrant greens in rooms where you want to add a refreshed, nature-inspired vibe.


Similar to green, blue hues feel meditative and calm. In addition, blue is often associated with trust and cleanliness. We love lighter blues on bedroom and bathroom walls, but a deeper blue shade can make a higher impact when painted on trim – or even the ceiling!

Tip: Before painting walls, ceilings or trim, make sure to dust these surfaces with a Swiffer 360 Duster Super Extender. It extends up to 6 feet and traps and locks up to three times more dust and dirt than a feather duster.


Plum and violet shades feel regal, opulent or mysterious. Try pairing purple with luxurious textures like velvet or silk to accentuate the elegant feeling. Area rugs with predominantly purple tones, silk window treatments and wall art are all great ways to use this color.

Brown and beige

Earth tones feel reliable and, well, down to earth. Depending on the shade, they can make a room feel warm and inviting or masculine and stately. Neutral browns and beiges are also easily paired with other hues – which is helpful if you can’t decide on just one color!

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