Home Made Simple Preview: Actor Dad’s Design Role

Single dad and actor Elliot recruits the HMS team to transform his “mellow yellow” living room into a fresh, modern space perfect for entertaining.

Between being a single dad to three kids, moving his mom into his home and constantly hosting gatherings for friends, Elliot always has a house full of people. He wants a more comfortable and stylish space for his family to enjoy movie nights and his friends to experience boxing fight nights.

Unfortunately, his living room is not entertaining-ready. The yellow walls have just one piece of art, and the room is cluttered with TV dinner trays, filing cabinets and old kids’ toys. The windows above the couch aren’t completely sealed and let in sunlight that interferes with TV-watching and makes temperature regulation difficult.

Laila Ali leads the Home Made Simple team, including designer Jinnie Choi and carpenter Luke Barr, in a living room redesign filled with Elliot’s contemporary style. The end result? A space that is comfortable, personal, bright and just right for entertaining.