Geometric Wall Mural

Add pops of color in a bold geometric design to an outdoor wall.

Geometric Wall Mural

Add pops of color in a bold geometric design to an outdoor wall.

Difficulty: Easy

Power washer
Printer paper with geometric design
Scissors or precision knife
Outdoor paint appropriate for wall surface, in 5 colors
Stucco tape or painter’s tape
5 paint rollers (1 per color)
T-square for straight edges
Construction pencil

  1. Remove dirt and grime from the wall with a power washer, and let dry

  2. Print out a geometric design onto printer paper, and use it as guide to draw and cut out a cardboard stencil of the shape(s) you want to replicate on the wall

  3. Place the cardboard stencil on the wall and outline it using painter’s tape and a construction pencil

  4. Use straight edge to make sure the taped lines are straight

  5. Continue to use the cardboard stencil and tape to lay out the geometric design

  6. Design Tip: When adhering the tape to the walls, press hard so the tape sticks to the grooves of the wall. This will help prevent the paint from bleeding in later steps.

  7. Once the design is completely taped to the wall, get ready to paint

  8. Put on rubber gloves. With a paint roller, lightly mark the inside of each shape with the desired paint color. It’s OK to leave some shapes blank

  9. Fill in the shapes by using the paint roller and rolling the paint in layers

  10. Design Tip: Roll the paint on the wall at a downward angle to avoid getting paint outside or underneath the tape.

  11. Continue until all shapes are fully painted

  12. Once the paint is dry, remove the tape to reveal the final design

  13. Once all the tape is removed, use a small paintbrush to fix any uneven edges or paint bleeding