Full-Length Wall Mirrors

Add a trio of mirrors to a rehearsal space or large room.

Full-Length Wall Mirrors

Add a trio of mirrors to a rehearsal space or large room.

Difficulty: Intermediate (2 people are suggested to complete this project)

(2) 2" × 4" × 123" wood boards (ledgers)
Mirrors (preferably 31" × 77")
10' handrail (dance bar)
Handrail bracket and screws
2" wall screws
20mm × 20mm L-brackets
4' level
Tape measure
Laser level

  1. Locate the studs in the wall, and measure 16" from the first stud to the others. Mark them 85" up from the floor (or however tall the mirror is plus 8"). This is where the first ledger will go

  2. Carpenter’s Tip: If you don’t have a stud finder or don’t necessarily know how to find the studs in your wall, the trick is to follow the outlet. Outlets are inserted into a box that is attached to the studs. So take a screw, drill it right next to the outlet to double check and listen to the sound (it shouldn’t sound hollow).

  3. Use a level and make sure all of your markings are straight
  4. Now, mark the studs at 30" for the second ledger. This is where the dance bar will go

  5. Once the studs are marked, line up the first ledger with the marking at 85", making sure the vertical lines are exposed under the ledger (this will help you find the studs in the next step)
  6. Use the drill to drive the screws into each stud (follow the exposed vertical lines, or space them 16" apart). Use the level along the way to make sure the ledger is straight

  7. Repeat step 5 for the bottom ledger
  8. To install the mirrors, it’s best to work from the middle out. First, determine the center of the wall, and then between two studs on the upper ledger, drive in the screw about ¾" through. This is what the mirror will hang on

  9. Bring the mirror over and make sure its hanging mechanism on the back is able to fit onto the screw. If it doesn’t, take the screw out and screw it back in ½" through, leaving more room to hang the mirror

  10. Repeat step 8 for the remaining two mirrors
  11. Now we need to secure the mirrors in place. To do so, place the L-bracket where the hand rail will be positioned on the bottom ledger

  12. Drill screws into the holes of the L-bracket
  13. Repeat step 11 for the other 5 brackets (you want to put one bracket on each side of the mirror, 1" up from the bottom of the bottom ledger
  14. Hold the handrail against the brackets and note the two areas where the handrail runs between the mirrors. Mark the center of this space on the rail. This is where the brackets will be attached

  15. Note: Don’t attach the railings yet!

  16. 14. Bring the handrail to your workspace. Place a handrail bracket onto the marks from step 13 and drill it in place

  17. 15. Repeat step 14 with the second bracket
  18. 16. Measure the space in between the mirrors and cut two extra pieces of ledger to that size
  19. 17. Drill two screws into the extra ledger pieces to give an extra ledger level

  20. 18. Drill the handrail brackets into the added ledgers, securing the handrail to the wall

  21. 19. Tug on the rail to make sure it’s snug, and it’s good to go!