Fringed Lampshade

Make a classy lampshade that’s easy to assemble and inexpensive, too.

Fringed Lampshade

Make a classy lampshade that’s easy to assemble and inexpensive, too.

5 col
Difficulty: Easy

(3) brass hoops: large, medium and small (the large hoop needs to be smaller than the lampshade)
(3) 9" pieces of thin gold chain
(3) 6" pieces of thin gold chain
(3) 3" pieces of thin gold chain
Lampshade and lampstand
10 yards of fringe in 3 colors: white, pink and gray
Light bulb
Scissors or blade
Needle-nose pliers
Hot glue gun
Hot glue
Gold spray paint
Painter’s tape
¾" white fabric trim


1. Strip the lampshade using scissors or a blade until the lamp fitter is bare

2. Remove the lamp fitter and set aside

3. Attach the thin gold chains to their assigned hoops (see below). Use the needle-nose pliers to pry open a link and attach it to the hoop. Then close the link with the pliers 

Large hoop: three 3" chains
Medium hoop: three 6" chains
Small hoop: three 9" chains

4. Arrange the chains on the hoops so they are equally distanced

5. Once all the chains are attached to their assigned hoops, slip the hoops over the lamp harp and let them rest on the lampstand

6. Place the lamp fitter back on the lamp

7. Working from largest hoop to smallest, attach the hoops’ chains to the lamp fitter using needle-nose pliers. The chains will latch onto the three arms as shown

8. The hoops’ chains should be secured on the lamp fitter. Now it’s time to add the fringe! Start with the small hoop, which will hold the white fringe. Lay the white fringe on a flat surface and apply a few inches of hot glue to the border. Then adhere the border to the small hoop

9. Continue to attach the fringe by applying hot glue to the small brass hoop and attaching the fringe. Adhere two layers of fringe, and then trim the excess

10. Continue this process for the remaining hoops and lamp fitter:

Medium hoop: pink fringe (two layers)
Large hoop: gray fringe (two layers)
Lamp fitter: gray fringe (two layers)


11. Lay the ¾" gray fabric trim on a flat surface and apply a thin line of hot glue. Attach it to the top fringe border on the lamp fitter as shown

12. Wrap the fabric trim all the way around the top, and then trim the excess

13. Let dry for 1 minute, and then carefully remove the newly made lampshade from the lampstand and set aside

14. Cover the light bulb socket with painter’s tape

15. In a well-ventilated area, carefully paint the lampstand with gold spray paint. Let dry for 1 hour

16. Remove the painter’s tape, return the lampshade to the stand and screw in the light bulb. Let there be stylish light!