Faux Marble Wall

This project creates a marble-like accent wall for any space.

Faux Marble Wall

This project creates a marble-like accent wall for any space.

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2 sheets of 4" × 8" MDF (½ inch medium density)
Circular saw
Marble contact paper – Contact Carrera
Plastic trowel
Precision knife
Measuring tape
3 Lack wall shelves
Low-slung storage unit
Wood screws
Stud finder
Drywall anchors
Countersink bits
220-grit sandpaper


1. Cut two pieces of MDF to fit the desired space using the circular saw

2. Lightly sand the edges of the board

Designer Tip:If the contact paper does not completely cover your piece of MDF board, using a straightedge, draw a straight line down the center of the MDF board and place your contact paper along this line. This will help ensure the contact paper is straight when applied

3. Line up the contact paper with the line on the MDF, leaving approximately 1" excess around the edges

4. Fold the marble over the sides so that it looks like a complete marble slab (wrap edges)

5. Place the marble paper along the lines, carefully peeling back the sticker on the back to apply it to the MDF

6. Once applied, use a straightedge along surface of the MDF to push out any bubbles

7. Continue until the MDF is completely covered

8. Repeat steps 1–7 for the second MDF board


9. Using a blade, cut around a 1" × 1" square. Only cut 3 sides; this will allow the contact paper to fold up and down

10. Slowly peel back the square from step 9, and pre-drill an installation hole using a countersink bit and drill

Designer Tip:The countersink bit allows the screws to lay flush to the MDF board, and will be hidden once the contact paper is folded over after installation

11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 in each corner, and the middle of each long edge

12. Once all MDF boards are prepped, measure and mark where they will be installed on the wall

13. Find the studs on the wall, and secure the bottom MDF to the walls through the pre-drilled holes. Use drywall anchors if needed

14. Rest the second board on top, and repeat step 14 to secure to the wall