DIY Curtain Rods and Brackets

Update your window treatments with rustic curtain rods and brackets.

Difficulty: Easy

Scrap plywood
(2) wooden brackets with preinstallation (design of your choice)
(3) clamps
Drill bit with 2" hole saw
(1) curtain rod
Paint color of your choice
Wood stain
100-grit sandpaper
Wire bristle brush
Tape measure
(2) 1¼" all-purpose screws
(2) ¼" anchor screws

Note: When purchasing wooden brackets, make sure they are preinstalled, meaning they have the necessary hardware already attached to the back.

  1. Lay the scrap plywood on a flat surface and place the brackets on top. Clamp the brackets together, and then clamp the brackets to the plywood so they won’t move

  2. Use a 2" drill bit to create a hole in the center of the brackets. Stop about three-quarters of the way through
  3. Unclamp the brackets and separate them. Use the screwdriver to pry out the piece drilled in step 2, creating a groove
  4. Carve out the rest of the groove with the drill bit

  5. Sand the groove to create a smooth surface
  6. Dip a dry rag into wood stain and apply it to all areas of both brackets
  7. Rub a wire bristle brush over the brackets to create a rustic texture
  8. Lightly paint the brackets. This will give them a nice accent color that won’t overtake the wood stain
  9. Use a clean part of the rag to wipe off the excess paint. The color should appear subtly within the wood. Repeat steps 7 through 9 as desired

  10. Put the brackets aside. Stain the curtain rod as you did in step 6. Set aside to dry
  11. Measure 6" from the ceiling and 9" from the edge of the window. Place one bracket where the measurements meet, and mark the top and side of the bracket with a pencil. Repeat for the bracket on the other side
  12. Connect the two lines from step 11 to create one point. Then drill in the anchor screw on that point. Repeat on the other side
  13. Drill an all-purpose screw into the anchor, making sure that it extends about one-fourth of the way out. Repeat on the other side
  14. Slide the wooden bracket onto the screw
  15. Add the desired drapes to the curtain rod and place the rod on the wooden brackets