Dip-Dyed and Bleach-Painted Pillows

This fun and easy project creates unique dyed and painted pillows to adorn a couch or bed.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Blue pillowcases with inserts (as many as desired)
White pillowcases with inserts (as many as desired)
Table salt
Measuring cups
Various paintbrushes
Large bucket or storage container
Navy blue liquid RIT dye
Rubber safety gloves
Clip hangers
Cardboard (large enough to fit inside blue pillowcases)
Large bowl
Wooden spoon or paint stick

Dip-Dye Steps

1. While wearing rubber gloves, fill half of a large bucket or storage container with hot water

2. Mix 1 cup of table salt into the water using your hand or a wooden spoon

3. Pour the navy blue liquid RIT dye into the bucket and mix with a wooden spoon. Dip the white pillowcase into the dye solution. Remember, the longer you dip the pillow case in the solution, the darker the color will develop

4. You can dip the entire pillowcase in the solution, or maybe half or just a corner – it’s up to you! You can achieve an ombre effect by varying the time that sections of the pillowcase sit in the dye. Once the pillowcase is the desired color, wring out the excess dye and hang to dry with clip hangers

5. Wait until the pillowcase is fully dry, and then wash separately in warm water with detergent to remove excess dye. Insert a pillow form in the pillowcase and enjoy!

Bleach Pillow Steps

1. Insert a piece of cardboard into a blue pillowcase. This will help prevent the bleach from bleeding through 

2. Pour ½ cup of bleach into a large bowl. Use a paintbrush to draw a design with the bleach. The bleach will lighten the fabric and reveal your design. Once your design is complete, hang the pillowcase to dry for an hour, and then insert a pillow form into the pillowcase