Custom Beanbag Toss Game Board

Personalize a beanbag toss game board with a name, a meaningful geographic location or other custom details.

Difficulty: Easy

Pre-purchased wooden beanbag toss game board
Latex gloves
Dust mask
Painter’s tape
Printed images on 11" × 17" transparency paper
Clear-coat protective wood finish
Squeegee or similar tool
Small beanbags
Chip brushes

  1. Place the transparency paper image-side down on top of the game board, positioning as desired

  2. Tape the top edge of the transparency paper to the game board with painter’s tape

  3. Flip the back of the image toward the tape so the image is facing up

  4. Put on gloves and a dust mask. With a paintbrush, apply clear-coat protective wood finish in heavy coats to the lower half of the game board

  5. Fold the transparency paper back onto the painted game board face down, and press hard to transfer the image onto the board

  6. Rub a squeegee or similar tool over the transparency paper to help transfer the image onto the board

  7. Let the paper dry
  8. Repeat Steps 1 through 7 for any additional images

  9. Once the transparency paper is dry, gently pour water onto the transparency paper

  10. Remove the painter’s tape and gently rub off the paper with your fingers, leaving the image on the board

  11. Tip: You can use scissors to scrape off the paper — just do so gently to avoid scratching the wood.

  12. Once the transparency paper is mostly removed, wipe off the board with a rag to remove any residue

  13. Move the board outside to the backyard or desired area, gather the mini beanbags and enjoy some family fun!