Concrete Bookends

Create stylish, personalized bookends out of concrete.

Concrete Bookends

Create stylish, personalized bookends out of concrete.

5 col


Cement mix
Safety mask
Safety glasses
Rubber gloves
Mix bit
Painter’s tape
(2) Globe bulbs
Plastic trash bags
220-grit sandpaper


1. Put on rubber gloves and safety mask before mixing cement

2. Add water to cement mix in a bucket and mix with mix bit. Continue to add water to the cement while mixing until it reaches a slushy consistency

3. Place globe bulbs on top of a roll of painter’s tape to keep steady

4. Pour cement into the globes, shifting to settle the cement

Expert Tip:You can add dye to the cement (while mixing) to change the color

5. Let dry for 2–3 hours (to make casts)

6. Once the cement has hardened, put on the leather gloves and place the globe bulbs into a trash bag. Gently tap the bulbs with a hammer

7. Check on the progress of the glass being separated from the globes. Carefully wipe off excess glass with the bag

8. Once the globes are completely free of glass, sand lightly until the surface is smooth

9. Fully immerse the yarn in a bucket of water until it is completely soaked

10. Wrap the yarn around the globe and hold it in place. Trace the thread with a pencil. This creates the lines where the quote will be written

11. Write your quote or sentiment with a pencil, and the project is complete!