Coffee Table Toy Box

This project creates chic storage space for toys.

Coffee Table Toy Box

This project creates chic storage space for toys.

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Coffee table with drawers
(8) 1" × 6" × 22" plywood boards
(2) 22" × 22" plywood base
Measuring tape
Wood glue
1½" screws
Countersink bit
White paint
Wood putty
Sandpaper (220 grit)
Palm sander


1. Start by creating a trim with the 1" × 6" × 22" boards around the 22" × 22" plywood base. This will create a basic box for the drawer. Apply wood glue along the outer edge of one 1" × 6" × 22" board and secure to the plywood base. Repeat for the remaining (3) boards

2. Secure the 1" × 6" × 22" boards to the plywood base using a nail gun and 2" nails

3. Once the boxes are assembled, measure where to drill holes for the rope handle. Measure to find the center point of the drawer, and mark with a pencil. Then measure 2" on each side from the center point and mark with a pencil. Use a drill and a drill bit to create two holes on each side of the center point in the marked spots.

4. Prepare for painting by using a palm sander with 220-grit sandpaper to sand the boxes for a smooth finish

5. Apply a white coat of paint to the drawers. Allow to dry for 2 hours

6. Once the drawers are fully painted and dry, you are ready to insert the rope. Twist the rope through the pre-drilled holes to help guide it through easily. Once the rope is through, tie a knot on the inside of the box to create a sturdy handle. Trim excess rope

7. Place drawers back into your coffee table and you are done!