Chicken Wire Cabinet Makeover

Use chicken wire to add a rustic feel to kitchen cabinets.

Chicken Wire Cabinet Makeover

Use chicken wire to add a rustic feel to kitchen cabinets.

Difficulty: Intermediate (2 people are suggested to complete this project)

(2) cabinet doors
Drill and drill bit
¼" wood router
Leather gloves
Protective eyewear
Paint in color of your choice
Paint primer
Chicken wire
Staple gun
Sharpened staples
Tin snips
Needle-nose pliers


  1. Lay the cabinet door flat on the workspace. Drill a hole into the front of the cabinet, going all the way through

  2. Put the wood router into the hole and turn it on, allowing it to warm up for about 5 seconds before moving it
  3. Move the router from the hole to the side of the cabinet. The router will automatically stop moving once it reaches the trim. Once it does, move the router around the perimeter of the cabinet

  4. Turn the cabinet over and repeat steps 2 and 3
  5. Discard the center piece of the cabinet. Use the sander to sand the outsides of the remaining trim frame, and use sandpaper to sand the inside of the frame

  6. Pour the paint into a paint tray, and paint the frame with a paint roller. Use a smaller paintbrush to completely paint the inside corners

  7. Set aside to dry for 1 hour
  8. Put on the gloves and lay the chicken wire across the cabinet. Make sure it’s centered

  9. Estimate about how much chicken wire you’ll need, and then cut it to size with the tin snips
  10. Once the chicken wire is cut to size, staple it to the cabinet one side at a time. Start on one of the shorter sides, stapling each wire horizontally

  11. Attach the long side by stapling each wire in a zigzag pattern across the entire length of the cabinet

  12. When the chicken wire is completely stapled to the cabinet, cut the excess wire with the tin snips

  13. Use the needle-nose pliers to fold over the ends of the chicken wire so there are no exposed ends

  14. Once the wire ends are folded, staple again to make sure the wire will not come loose. Then use a hammer to lightly tap the folded wires into place

  15. Reattach the cabinets