Block Wall Art

Create a modern art installation with block of wood.

Block Wall Art

Create a modern art installation with block of wood.

5 col


6" × 6" wood blocks cut to various sizes at the hardware store
4" × 4" wood block cut to various sized
Drill with ½" drill bit 

Rubber gloves
Various stains of polyurethane wood stain
Dry rag
Painter’s tape
2" wood nails
Tape measure or straight edge


1. First, determine where to create holes for hanging. On the first block, measure 1½" from the first edge, and 1½" from the perpendicular edge. Mark where the two measurements meet with a pencil. This is there your where you will drill your holes

2. Using the drill and the counter sink bit, drill holes into each marked area. This is where the block will be hung

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all blocks

4. Put on rubber gloves and stain all blocks an assortment of brown wood stains. When brushing on the stain, follow along the grain of the wood. Blot with a dry rag. Allow to dry for 2 hours

5. On a flat surface, arrange blocks in a pattern that you would love to apply on your wall

6. Place painter’s tape over the holes that you have made on the wood block. Poke holes though the tape where the holes are. Do this for each block before it is placed onto the wall to make sure the nails are perfectly aligned for each block as it fits on the wall

7. Place the tape on the wall, use a level to make sure it is straight, and hammer 2" wood nails into the wall through the holes in the tape

8. Place your blocks on the nails that have been hammered into the wall and you are done!