5 Art Projects to Personalize Your Outdoor Space

Liven up a dull outdoor space with 5 projects that will help make it uniquely yours.

5 Art Projects to Personalize Your Outdoor Space

Liven up a dull outdoor space with 5 projects that will help make it uniquely yours.

Having an outdoor space to call your own can be a dream come true for renters and homeowners alike. Maybe you have visions of hosting backyard barbecues and picnics, or just relaxing in a comfy chair with a good book. If, in reality, you look out the window to see a dull, boring yard, here are five ways to wake up your space with personalized art projects. Each of these ideas can be accomplished in a day – or less! – and will change the way you feel about your yard.

1. Painted Moss
If you live in a damp climate where ferns and mosses flourish, you can use the humidity to your advantage. Create designs with moss paint on rocks, old planters or stone walls, and watch as they come to life.

You’ll need:

  • Large handful of moss
  • 2 cups plain yogurt or buttermilk
  • 2 cups water
  • ½ teaspoon sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Bowl or container with an airtight lid
  • Paintbrush
  • First, gently wash the moss to remove excess soil, and crumble it into a blender. Add the yogurt or buttermilk, the water and the sugar. Blend until smooth, and the pour the moss mixture into the bowl or container. If the mixture is too runny, add corn syrup and re-blend until it reaches the desired consistency. (If the moss paint gets too thick, add water and then re-blend.)

    Now you’re ready to paint! Add lines, dots, patterns or even a secret message to a smooth outdoor surface (stone or terra cotta work great). In humid conditions, the moss should last all season.

    Tip: This moss paint project can be a messy project, but it’s nothing to worry about – at least not with Home Made Simple Multi-purpose Cleaner nearby. It’s made with plant-based ingredients (80% of ingredients are plant-derived) but is powerful enough to get the job done. Just spray, wipe and wave goodbye to grime.

    2. Wicker Basket Light Art
    We love how this hanging lantern project repurposes everyday wicker baskets to add light to a patio or covered awning. Personalize with paint and embellishments: spray paint the baskets in jewel tones for a vibrant punch of color, or add tassels made from fabric ribbons to the end of each lantern.

    3. Personalized Spray-Painted Mural
    Have a privacy fence or garden wall that could use a personality update? Use these painting tips and tricks to add a unique, custom mural to a stone or wooden surface. With stencils, spray paint and a creative spirit, you can create your own view of paradise.

    4. Custom Hanging Pots
    Suitable indoors or out, these painted hanging pots can sport tribal decorative details like the ones shown, or incorporate floral patterns or geometric designs – whatever your design dictates or your heart desires! You can easily customize this project by switching up the spray paint colors, the dye color for the braided ropes and – as we mentioned before – the drawn designs on the pots.

    5. Repurposed Wall Sconce Planter
    Plant a wall garden of vibrant annual blooms with this clever planter idea that repurposes old wall sconces, swapping out lights for plants. Purchase wall sconces at the hardware store – or you may luck out and find a few at a garage sale or thrift store. Then just add plants! Make it yours by spray-painting the sconces in the colors of your choice, and mixing up the plant options – wave petunias, sweet potato vines and impatiens are great options.

    Tip: If you’re using old wall sconces for this project, you may need to remove built-up grime from the nooks and crannies. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sheet to tackle the grime and make old sconces look new.